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Radhakrishnan P., Subramanyam S., Raju V., Cad/cam/cim
Book Details

Title: Cad/cam/cim
Publisher: New Age Inteational
Author: P Radhakrishnan, S Subramanyam, V Raju
Edition: Paperback 3rd
Edition Number: 3
Publishing: New Age Inteational (P) Ltd. , 2008
EAN: 9788122422368
No. of Pages: 692

Cad/cam/cim Book Description

The new edition of CAD/CAM/CIM has been brought out to focus on the response of CIM technology to address to new challenges faced by manufacturing in the new millennium.

CIM is moving towards more and more sophistication in exploiting the capabilities of computer hardware and software. This book gives a detailed account of various technologies which form computer based automation of manufacturing activities.

Computer aided shape design and geometric modeling have been revised and an introduction to robust design has been added. Design coverage is enlarged by adding FEA. As far as manufacturing is conceed, numerical control, computer aided inspection, robotics etc. are dealt in detail. ERP, PDM, PLM, simulation tools and manufacturing simulation have been covered in more detail in this edition. Supply chain management, collaborative design and computer networking are also covered in this new edition.

This book is intended as a text book for students studying CAD/CAM/CIM and a reference book for manufacturing engineers.

About the Author(s):
Dr. P. Radhakrishnan , Professor of Mechanical Engineering has about 25 years of experience in teaching and consulting in CAD/CAM. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Trichur Engineering College, Dr. Radhakrishnan had his post graduate studies at IIT, Madras in Machine Tools and did his Ph. D. from Madras University while working at the PSG College of Technology. He was Principal of PSG College of Technology and presently, Vice Chancellor, VIT University, Vellore. Dr. P. Radhakrishnan was instrumental in starting the post graduate programs in CIM and Product design at PSG College of Technology.

Dr. S. Subramanyan , former Principal of PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and former Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University had his education at PSG College of Technology, Imperial College, London and University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He had been a post doctoral fellow at the University of Kingston and University of Alberta. He has been on the faculty of P.S.G College of Technology since 1959. He has considerable experience in implementing computerized systems and networking of computers and is now a consultant to higher technical education.

Dr. Venkitaswamy Raju , presently, Dean of the School of Engineering Technologies at Farmingdale State University of New York had his education at PSG College of Arts, Coimbatore, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), USA. He is a well known authority in CIM and has set up several educational programs and research activities in different universities where he worked. He was Professor of Manufacturing at RIT. He later moved to Purdue University. He was Director of Engineering and Technology, Florida A & M University before taking up the present assignment.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Product Development Through CIM
Principles of Computer Graphics
Computer Hardware
Operating Systems and Environments
Geometric Modeling Techniques
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis in CIM
CIM Database and Database Management Systems
Computer Aided Process Planning
Planning of Resources for Manufacturing Through Information Systems
Manufacturing Automation
CNC Machine Tools
Robots in Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Computer Aided Quality Control
Fundamentals of Networking
Collaborative Engineering
Graphic Standards
CIM Models
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Shop Floor Data Collection Systems
Simulation in Manufacturing