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Robbins Frederick W., Keys Theresa. The Burning Rate Behavior of Pure Nitrocellulose Propellant Samples
(Роббинс Фредерик, Кей Тереза. О скорости горения одноосновных образцов нитроцеллюлозных порохов). — Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD: U.S. Army Research Laboratory. 1993. — 40 p.
Closed bomb firings have been conducted to determine the buing rate behavior of pure nitrocellulose (NC) gun propellants. Samples produced and tested included nitration levels of 12.02, 12.65, 13.11%, in both zero and seven-perforated cylindrical geometries. A sample containing bask lead carbonate was also included. Buing rates derived from the closed bomb tests were compared to strand buer data measured on samples extruded from the same NC batches. The buing rate plots for the pure NC samples show the characteristic slope changes of propellants with additives.
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