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Rudi Heiser, James A. Schmitt. Simulations of special interior ballistic phenomena with and without heat transfer to gun tube wall
(Руди Хейсер, Джеймс А. Шмитт. Моделирование специальных внутрибаллистических явлений с и без передачи тепла стенке артиллерийского ствола).
Technical report. Aberdeen proving ground, Maryland: US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory, 1986, - 76 p.
Interior ballistics flows of conventional charges in gun tubes possess complex flow pattes. Their complexity is due to both the heterogeneous structure of the charge and the rapidly changing flow conditions within a few milliseconds. The fast rise in pressure and temperature caused by the buing of the propellant initiates a turbulent, multidimensional, multiphase flow which is coupled with the accelerating projectile motion. A complete mathematical model that describes all the physical phenomena occurring in an interior ballistics cycle is not presently available. However, several models that simulate some of the phenomena exist or are being developed.
Review of the models in delta.
Heat transfer to and temperature distribution in the tube wall.
Turbulence model.
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