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Saleh B.E.A., Teich M.C. Fundamentals of Photonics
2nd ed. - Wiley-Interscience, 2007, 1177 pages

Now in a new full-color edition, Fundamentals of Photonics, Second Edition is a self-contained and up-to-date introductory-level textbook that thoroughly surveys this rapidly expanding area of engineering and applied physics. Featuring a logical blend of theory and applications, coverage includes detailed accounts of the primary theories of light, including ray optics, wave optics, electromagnetic optics, and photon optics, as well as the interaction of photons and atoms, and semiconductor optics.
This book provides an introduction to the fundamentals of photonics. The term photonics is used broadly to encompass all of the aforementioned areas, including the following:
The generation of coherent light by lasers, and incoherent light by luminescence sources such as light-emitting diodes.
The transmission of light in free space, through conventional optical components such as lenses, apertures, and imaging systems, and through waveguides such as optical fibers.
The modulation, switching, and scanning of light by the use of electrically, acoustically, or optically controlled devices.
The amplification and frequency conversion of light by the use of wave interactions in nonlinear materials.
The detection of light.

These areas have found ever-increasing applications in optical communications, signal processing, computing, sensing, display, printing, and energy transport.
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