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Salvador M.G. Why Buildings Stand Up: The Strength of Architecture
W. W. Nоrtоn & Company, 1980, 311 pages

The author discusses recent advances in science and technology that have had important effects on the planning and construction of buildings: improved materials (steel, concrete, plastics), progress in antiseismic designs, and changes in both architectural and structural design made possible by the computer.
An introduction to building methods from ancient times to the present day.

1 Structures
The Beginning of Architecture · Function and Structure · Architects and Engineers · Structure and the Layman
2 The Pyramids
What Are They? · The Building of the Pyramids · The Social Purpose of the Pyranlids · The Death of the Pyramids
3 Loads
Dead Loads · Live Loads · Dynamic Loads · Wind Loads · Earthquake Loads · Thermal and Settlement Loads
4 Materials
Tension and Compression · Elasticity and Plasticity · Safety Factors · Steel · Reinforced Concrete · Plastics
5 Beams and Columns
Newton's Laws · Translational Equilibrium · Rotational Equilibrium · Beam Action · Shear · Buckling
6 Houses
Prehistoric and Historic Houses · The Anlerican House · Concrete-Frame Housing · Prefabricated Concrete Buildings
7 Skyscrapers
The High-Rise Building · The Birth of a Skyscraper · The Skyscraper Structure
8 The Eiffel Tower
The Symbol · The Builder of the Tower · The Building of the Tower · Cranes and Elevators · The Life of the Tower · The Taller Towers
9 Bridges
Arches · Railroad Bridges · Concrete Bridges · Space Frames
10 The Brooklyn Bridge
The Creator of the Bridge · The Construction of the Bridge · Mode Suspension Bridges
11 Form-Resistant Structures
Grids and Flat Slabs · Strength through Form · Curved Surfaces · Barrel Roofs and Folded Plates · Saddle Roofs · Complex Roofs · Thin Shell Dams
12 The Unfinished Cathedral
The Origin of the Gothic Cathedrals · Gothic Spaces and Structures · Saint Pierrc at Beauvais
13 Domes
The Largest Roofs in the World · The Dome as Structure · The Pantheon · Santa Maria del Fiore · Mode Domes
14 Hagia Sophia
The Construction of the Church · The Interior of the Church · The Structure of the Church · The Fate of Hagia Sophia
15 Tents and Balloons
Tents · Pneumatic Structures
16 The Hanging Sky
Domes and Dishes · The Hanging Dish
17 The Message of Structure
Semiotic Messages · Semiotic Message and Scale · The Varying Semiotic Message
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