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Schwoerer H., Magill J., Beleites B. (Eds.) Lasers and Nuclei: Applications of Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers in Nuclear Science
Springer, 2006. 254 p. ISBN:3540302719

Lasers and Nuclei describes the generation of high-energy-particle radiation with high-intensity lasers and its application to nuclear science. A basic introduction to laser--matter interaction at high fields is complemented by detailed presentations of state of the art laser particle acceleration and elementary laser nuclear experiments. The text also discusses future applications of lasers in nuclear science, for example in nuclear astrophysics, isotope generation, nuclear fuel physics and proton and neutron imaging.
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Springer Science+Business Media, 2005, Pages: 515 Covers all the phenomenological and experimental data on nuclear physics and demonstrates the latest experimental developments that can be obtained. Introduces modern theories of fundamental processes, in particular the electroweak standard model, without using the sophisticated underlying quantum field theoretical tools. Incorporates all major present applications of nuclear physics at a leve...

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Wiley-VCH, 2011, 269 pages Filling the need for a book bridging the effect of matter on X-ray radiation and the interaction of x-rays with plasmas, this monograph provides comprehensive coverage of the topic. As such, it presents and explains such powerful new X-ray sources as X-ray free-electron lasers, as well as short pulse interactions with solids, clusters, molecules, and plasmas, and X-ray matter interactions as a diagnostic tool. Equall...

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Oregon State University, Wiley, New York, 1988, 870 pp. – ISBN 0-471-85914-1 This work began as a collaborative attempt with David Halliday to revise ant update the second edition of his classic text Introductory Nuclear Physics (New York, Wiley. 1955). As the project evolved, it became clear that, owing to other commitments. Professor Halliday would be able to devote only limited lime to the project and he therefore volunteered to remove himself...

Langanke K. Computational Nuclear Physics: Volume 2: Nuclear Reactions

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Springer Verlag Berlin, 1993, 216 pages This second volume of Computational Nuclear Physics deals primarily with nuclear reactions; it thus complements the first volume, which concentrates on nuclear structure. Providing discussions of both of the relevant physics as well as the numerical methods, the chapters codify the expertise of many of the leading researchers in computation nuclear physics. The numerical methods discussed are embodied in...

Magill J., Galy J. Radioactivity Radionuclides Radiation

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Springer, 2005, 259 pages Radioactivity - Radionuclides - Radiation provides professionals and students with a comprehensive background in the three Rs of nuclear science. It is suitable for students in the related fields of nuclear and radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, health physics, environmental sciences, nuclear and astrophysics. The book covers recent developments in the areas of exotic decay modes (bound beta decay of 'bare' or fully io...

Murray Raymond L. Nuclear Energy. An Introduction to the Concepts, Systems, and Applications of Nuclear Processes

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5th ed. 2000, - 490 p. This book is intended to provide a factual description of basic nuclear phenomena, to describe devices and processes that involve nuclear reactions, and to call attention to the problems and opportunities that are inherent in a nuclear age. It is designed for use by anyone who wishes to know about the role of nuclear energy in our society or to learn nuclear concepts for use in professional work. The author hopes that this...

Povh B., Rith K., Scholz Ch., Zetsche F. Particles and Nuclei: An Introduction to the Physical Concepts

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  • добавлен 27 ноября 2011 г.
Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2006, 391 pages This introductory textbook gives a uniform presentation of nuclear and particle physics. The first part, Analysis, is devoted to disentangling the substructure of matter. This part shows that experiments designed to uncover the substructures of nuclei and nucleons have a similar conceptual basis, and lead to the present picture of all matter being built out of a small number of elementary building blocks...