Caroll Lewis. La Alis. Cizra je cinri zukte vi le selmacygu’e

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Б.и., б.г. 73 с. Перевод классического произведения Льюиса Кэролла на искусственный язык ложбан.

Turner Robin, Nicholas Nick. Lojban for beginners

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ISBN 978-1-257-37287-4 Copyright Public Domain Published April 1, 2011 Language English Pages 219 Базовый учебник искуственного языка Ложбан. * Lojban is designed to be used by people in communication with each other, and possibly in the future with computers. * Lojban is designed to be culturally neutral. * Lojban has an unambiguous grammar, which is based on the principles of logic. * Lojban has phonetic spelling, and unambiguous resolution of...