Camilleri Antoinette. Merħba bik / Добро пожаловать. Audio

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Published: Malta: Colour Image Ltd Date: 1997 Audio format: RAR MP3, 44kHz, 196 kbps ISBN: 9990984026 Book Практический коммуникативный курс современного мальтийского языка. Merħba Bik has been written with the adolescent and mature student in mind. Some topics appeal more to secondary school students, others to a more adult audience. In each case, however, the material provided is aimed at beginners . By the end of the course every student shou...

Joseph Vella. Learn Maltese. Why not? / Изучайте мальтийский, почему нет?

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Publication: Valetta Publishing Date: 1996 Pages: 215 ISBN: 9990958025 This course is divided into 24 lessons, each of which introduces a specific piece of grammar and new vocabulary. Each lesson begins with a text in Maltese, followed by an English explanation of the grammar involved, and a word-list. Probably the best textbook of Maltese available, comprehensive enough to provide a decent overview of Maltese grammar. Enjoy. Учебник мальтийского...

Problemi Ta’ Paci u Socjalizmu 2-1985

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Теоретический и информационный журнал коммунистических и рабочих партий "Проблемы мира и социализма" (на мальтийском языке) - 52 с.