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Sharboneau E. Trick Photography and Special Effects
Evan Sharboneau, 2011. - 192 pages. Интернет издание. На англ. языке. Руководство по трюковой фотографии и использованию спецэффектов. Мало текста много иллюстрированных примеров. По отзывам интернет-сообщества - лучшая книга в своей области!
Trick photography and special effects is the best book available in the market that encompasses the entire gamut of trick photography and special effects in a realistic, professional and guided manner that will make even a novice weave breathtaking magic with his camera lens. The book is planned in a structured hierarchy addressing each technique in a time bound manner and never ever an instance occurs where it seems to ramble on, which is worth every penny of your investment. The book instills confidence in photographers to try out newer techniques and go for composition of new shots which till date was the field of monopoly of competent photographers alone.