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Shephard R.W., Beach S.A. The classification of errors involved in the determination of chances of hit, and the evaluation of chance hit with Centurion under quasi-battle conditions
(Шепард P.B., Бич С.A. Классификация ошибок участвующих в определении вероятности попадания и оценка вероятности попадания Центуриона в квази-боевых условиях).
Report. Armament research and development establishment. 1958. – 35 p.
This report gives a list of the component errors to be used in chance of hit calculations, and discusses the magnitude of these errors for the QF 20 pr gun in Centurion firing APDS Mk 4 shot and a fictitious HESH shell. Using these data, the chances of hit to be expected under quasi battle conditions are evaluated.
List of errors and their definitions.
Magnitude of component errors for centurion.
Chances of hit with centurion under quasi-battle conditions.
Discussion and conclusions.