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Simonov Е., Dahmer Thomas. (Ed.) Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader
February 2008. Амурская хрестоматия. Полное описание фауны и флоры бассейна реки Амур
One: Natural Setting of the Amur-Heilong River Basin
General Description
Climate and Weather
Biodiversity and biogeographic zones
Boreal Zone Ecoregions
Temperate Zone Forest Ecoregions
Global Daurian Steppe
Global 200 Russian Far East Rivers and Wetlands Ecoregion
Two: Socio-Economics and Natural Resources
Land Resources and Land Use Pattes
Socio-Economic Conditions in the Southe Russian Far East
Socio-Economic Conditions in Northeast China
Socio-Economic Conditions in Easte Mongolia
Trade, Inteational Investment and Tourism
Case Study: Russia-China Cooperation in Forestry
Case Study: China-Russia Cooperation in Energy
— Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader
Three: Threats to Biodiversity
This Review and Previous Threats Analyses
Water use and Water Infrastructure
Water Pollution
Transport Infrastructure
Conversion of Wildlands to Farmlands
Logging and Fires
Global Climate Change
Exploitation and Trade in Biological Resources
Four: Options for the Future
Essay Number One: Future economic development and nature conservation
n the transboundary ecoregion
Essay Number Two: Inteational Nature Conservation and River Basin Management
Essay Number Three: Amur-Heilong River Pollution: A Downstream Perspective
for Understanding and Managing Environmental Risks
Essay Number Four: An Ecological Network Approach to Biodiversity Conservation
Case Study Number One: Hinggan Gorge Inteational Conservation Area –
High potential yet to be realized
Case Study Number Two: Dauria Inteational Protected Area (DIPA)
Appendix One: Abbreviations
Appendix Two: References
Appendix Three: Glossary
Appendix Four: Map References
Appendix Five: Administrative Jurisdictions
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