Машиностроение и металлообработка
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Smithells Metals Reference Book
7th Edition. - Butterworth-Heinemann, 1992. - 1794 p.
Edited by E. A. Brandes CEng, BSc(Lond), ARCS, FIM and G. B. Brook DMet(Sheff), FEng, FIM
ISBN 0 7506 3624 6

The single volume for data and references on all the major engineering subjects needed by those practicing metallurgy. During its 35 years of publication, it has become an essential companion in research, development, and manufacturing.
Thoroughly revised chapters and new chapters on topics like powder metallurgy and superconductivity.

Related specifications
Introductory tables
General physical and chemical constants
X-ray analysis of metallic material
Crystal chemistry
Metallurgically important minerals
Thermochemical data
Physical properties of molten salts
Equilibrium diagrams
Gas-metal systems
Diffusion in metals
General physical properties
Elastic properties, damping capacity and shape memory alloys
Temperature measurement and thermoelectric properties
Radiating properties of metals
Electron emission
Electrical properties
Magnetic materials and their properties
Mechanical testing
Mechanical properties of metals and alloys
Sintered materials
Friction and wear
Casting alloys and foundry data
Engineering ceramics and refractory materials
Heat treatment
Laser metal working
Guide to corrosion control
Electroplating and metal finishing
Soldering and brazing
Vapour deposited coatings
Metal-matrix composites
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