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Справочник по идентификации артиллерийских снарядов и боевых частей
Morgan J.H., Pittman J. Projectile and Warhead Identification Guide—Foreign.
National Ground Intelligence Center, 1997, 487 p.
This guide presents data on current foreign antipersonnel and antitank rockets, grenades, and mortar and artillery projectiles and warheads.
This guide aids in the identification of foreign projectiles and projectile fragments. Most projectiles covered in this guide are in the high-explosive category, ranging from 37 to 240 mm. Recovered live and dud projectiles, including components, may vary slightly in weights and dimensions from those reported herein primarily because of variances in manufacture and quality control. The usual manufacturing practice is to mark those projectiles using explosive or chemical fillers that are above or below the nominal weight zone. Russia and some other countries do this by using + or - symbols. These are explained in the section of this guide entitled - The Identification of Projectiles and Projectile Fragments.
This document is published under the auspices of the Department of Defense Intelligence Production Program (DoDIPP). It is produced by the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) as the designated DoDIPP producer for this subject.
37 – 57 мм.
76 - 122 мм.
125 – 240 мм.
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