Термическая обработка сталей и чугунов
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Steel heat treatment. Equipment and design. George E. Totten
Один из самых современных и полных учебников по печам для термической обработки металлов. Рассмотрены все современные виды нагревательных и термических печей, применяемых в современном мировом машиностроительном производстве
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ASM Handbook: volume 4: Heat Treating (Asm Handbook)

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The world s best and most comprehensive reference guide to all aspects of heat treating. Contents include: Heat treating of Steel quenching, tempering, and annealing, continuous annealing, quantitative methods to predict hardenability. Surface Hardening of Steel processing and properties of case hardened materials. Heat Treating Equipment emphasis on furnace design and thermal efficiency. Process and QC Considerations sensors and oxygen probes fo...

Bringas J. (ed.) Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards

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Baltimore, MD 2002. ASTM DS67A, 2nd Edition. 658p. ISBN 0-8031-3042-2 Language: English. When comparing steel standards from different national and international standard development organizations (SDOs), there is no such thing as "equivalent" steel standards. At best, one may be able to group "comparable" steel standards together based on some defined set of rules, which has been done in this book.

Canale L.C.F., Mesquita R.A., Totten G.E. Failure Analysis of Heat Treated Steel Components

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ASM International, 2008, 640 pages This practical reference provides detailed focus on steel failures to help identify cause, prevent future occurrence, and improve reliability. The breadth of coverage and the numerous examples provide an invaluable resource for the designer, engineer, metallurgist, mechanical and materials engineers, quality control technicians, and heat treaters. Many examples of heat treatment failures are provided with spec...

Davis J.R. (Ed.) Heat Resistant Materials

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ASM International, 1997, ISBN: 0871705966, Pages: 591 ASM Speciality Handbook This latest handbook brings together in one volume a comprehensive reference source of information on engineering metallic and nonmetallic heat-resistant materials from carbon and alloy steels to refractory metals, and ceramics to carbon-carbon composites. The volume covers the complete spectrum of technology dealing with heat-resistant materials including high-tempe...

Fruehan R. The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel

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The AISE Steel Foundation; 11th edition. 1998. 767p. The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel, 11th edition, Volume 1 - Steelmaking and Refining emphasizes the important developments that have contributed to recent improvements in steelmaking quality and productivity. The history and development of the various technologies are fully discussed. The technical detail is written at a level that will benefit the expert, but in such a way that someone...

Knowless P. Design of Structured Steelwork

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2nd ed. Surrey Univversity Press. 1987. 209 p. Preface Notations and units Iron and steel Design and stability Beams Axially loaded elements Steelwork connections Design of element assemblies Bibliography Index

Krauss G. Steels: Processing, Structure, And Performance

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ASM International, 2005, Pages: 613, ISBN 0871708175 Steels: Processing, Structure, and Performance is a comprehensive guide to the broad, dynamic physical metallurgy of steels. The volume is an extensively revised and updated edition of the classic 1990 book Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles. Eleven new chapters expand the coverage in the previous edition, and other chapters have been reorganized and updated. This volume is an...

Martin L.H., Purkiss J.A. Structural Design of Steelwork to EN 1993 and EN 1994

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Third Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, Elsevier, 2007, 472 pages Ideal introduction to designing to the new Eurocode specification for civil and structural engineering students, technicians and professionals.Covering Eurocode 3 (Steel Structural Design) and Eurocode 4 (Design of Composite steel) and using worked examples, this book provides a practical way of understanding and complying with the steel Eurocodes in preparation for their introduc...

Sauveur A. The Metallography of iron and steel

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First edition first thousand McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY 239 WEST 39TH STREET, NEW YORK 6 BOUVERIE STREET, LONDON, B.C. 1912, 446 p. Author offers his book to those seeking selfinstruction in the metallography of iron and steel, their special needs having been carefully considered in the arrangement of the lessons; he offers it to teachers and students trusting that they will find it valuable and suggestive as a text-book; he offers it to manufactu...

Totten G.E., MacKenzie D.S. (Eds.) Handbook of Aluminum: Vol. 1: Physical Metallurgy and Processes

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Marcel Dekker Ltd, 2003, 1296 pages The Handbook of Aluminum: Vol. 1: Physical Metallurgy and Processes covers all aspects of the physical metallurgy, analytical techniques, and processing of aluminium, including hardening, annealing, aging, property prediction, corrosion, residual stress and distortion, welding, casting, forging, molten metal processing, machining, rolling, and extrusion. It also features an extensive, chapter-length considerat...