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Strakovskiy Leonid, Cohen Arthur, Fifer Robert, Beyer Richard, Forch Brad. Laser Ignition of Propellants and Explosives
(Страковский Леонид, Коэн Артур, Фифер Роберт, Бейер Ричард, Форш Брэд. Лазерное зажигание порохов и взрывчатых веществ)
Report. - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD: U.S. Army Research Laboratory. 1998. – 81 р.
Laser and radiative ignition of 24 solid propellants and explosives was analyzed. The effect of ignition criterion used to calculate ignition delays from models was evaluated. Values for the optical parameters reflection, Rlambda and absorption, klambda coefficients at wavelengths 0.36-1,1.06 and 10.6 mn were summarized. Effects of in-depth absorption and vaporization were considered.
Methods for determining the relation of ignition delays for conductive heating (Rx = 1, kA = infinity) and radiative heating at various wavelengths are presented. Methods for deriving kinetic parameters for the ignition and vaporization mechanisms for RDX-based materials were developed. Changes in the ignition mechanism at high radiative flux levels are discussed. A summary of the minimum flux levels needed for ignition and the Arrhenius kinetic parameters determined from ignition delay measurements with several energetic materials is presented.
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