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Taylor Susan, Bigl Susan, Richardson Colleen, Lever James, Walsh Marianne. Dissolution Rate of Propellant Energetics from Nitrocellulose Matrices
(Тайлор Сьюзен, Бигл Сьюзен, Ричардсон Коллин, Левел Джеймс, Волш Марианна. Скорость растворения энергетических материалов из нитроцеллюлозной пороховой матрицы).
Hanover, NH: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. 2012. – 131 р.
During firing, propellant residues are scattered onto the soil surface where their energetic compounds can be dissolved by precipitation. The residues, like the unfired propellants, are composed of nitrocellulose imbibed with either 2,4-DNT (single-base), nitroglycerin (NG) (doublebase) or NG and nitroguanidine (NQ) (triple-base). Although nitrocellulose is insoluble, 2,4-DNT, NG, and NQ are soluble; and 2,4-DNT and NG are also toxic. Consequently, data on how quickly 2,4-DNT, NG, and NQ are dissolved from propellant residues are needed to determine the flux of these compounds to soil.
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