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Thompson T., Black S. Forensic Human Identification
Издательство CRC Press, 2007, -550 pp.

The British Association for Human Identification (BAHID) held its first scientific meeting at Glasgow University in October of 2001. As it now approaches its fifth birthday, it has grown to more than 500 members with a respected and recognized academic profile. The individual interests of the membership encompass a wide variety of disciplines within this multifaceted area, and one of the strengths of the association has been the introduction of members to each other’s areas of expertise at the scientific sessions. It was believed that an introductory textbook would be pertinent, especially as more than 20 percent of the members are undergraduate or postgraduate students.
The text does not claim to be a definitive reference on identification but rather seeks to introduce the reader to a number of the different specialties that operate under the umbrella of human identification. It does not cover every single aspect of the subject but draws upon the specific expertise within the association and aims to provide an introduction — primarily to the student, but also to others interested in unfamiliar areas.
The text has been separated into two parts. The first considers biological indicators and methods of determination in 21 chapters broken down into wider headings including biomolecular information, identification from prints and tissues, facial reconstruction, and personal effects. The second part considers the context and significance of biological human identification. It culminates in three case studies that exemplify the value of the identification process in criminal and humanitarian arenas.
In recent years, the headlines have been dominated by disasters such as the Asian tsunami and the London tube bombings, so that never before has biological human identification been more relevant. It is a pleasure, as president of BAHID, to highly recommend this book as an introduction and to thank the participants who have willingly contributed so much of their time and energies to this project.

Part A Biological Indicators and Methods of Determination.
Identification from Biomolecular Evidence
Identification from Latent Prints
Identification from the Soft Tissues
Identification from the Hard Tissues
Facial Identification
Identification from Methods of Communication
Identification from Podiatry and Walking
Identification from Personal Effects
Part B The Context and Significance of Forensic Human Identification
The Context of Forensic Human Identification
Forensic Human Identification Case Studies
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