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Vancso G.J., Reiter G. (Ed.) Ordered Polymeric Nanostructures at Surfaces
Advances in Polymer Science, volume 200, Sрringеr, 2006, 211 pages

Besides the attempt to answer fundamental questions, authors are interested in taking advantage of the acquired knowledge in various applications. The use of engineered, nanostructured polymeric platform surfaces in the context of application-motivated problems in biomedicine, biology, materials science and nanotechnology is treated by various contributions in this collection of articles.

The Formation of Ordered Polymer Structures at Interfaces: AFewIntriguing Aspects
Designed Block Copolymers for Ordered Polymeric Nanostructures
Surface Micelles and Surface-Induced Nanopattes Formed by Block Copolymers
Liquid Crystallinity in Block Copolymer Films for Controlling Polymeric Nanopattes
Surface Nano- andMicrostructuring with Organometallic Polymers
Genetic Engineering of Protein-Based Polymers: The Example of Elastinlike Polymers
Organic andMacromolecular Films and Assemblies as (Bio)reactive Platforms: From Model Studies on Structure–Reactivity Relationships to Submicrometer Patteing
Development of a Biodegradable Composite Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering: Physicochemical, Topographical, Mechanical, Degradation, and Biological Properties
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