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Внутренняя баллистика орудий. Труды конференции консультативной группы НАТО по аэрокосмическим исследованиям и развитию. / Interior ballistics of guns. NATO advisory group for aerospace research and development. Conference proceedings No.392
На английском языке. В брошюре собраны труды конференции консультативной группы НАТО по аэрокосмическим исследованиям и развитию, посвященные комплексной теме "внутренняя баллистика орудий". Данная конференция состоялась в Италии (Флоренция) 9-11 сентября 1985 г. Сборник состоит из 21 работы конференции. ISBN 92-835-0388-0.
This meeting provided scientists, development engineers and application specialists with a broad overview of advancing technology and experimental techniques in interior ballistics of liquid and solid propellant guns. A comparison of these technologies with interior ballistics of rockets was also drawn. The meeting was originally be divided into ten sessions.
Liquid Propellant Guns.
Characteristics of Solid Gun Propellants.
Gun Barrel Erosion.
Low Vulnerability Propellant for Guns.
Experimental and Test Techniques in Interior Ballistics.
Gun Ignition Systems.
New Problems in Guns.
Traveling Charge Gun Theory.
Comparison of Interior Ballistics of Guns and Rockets.
The last session was cancelled.
The science of combustion and fluid mechanics applied to gun design.
by M.Summerfield.
Liquid propellant gun technology.
by W.F.Morrison. J.I).Knapton and P.G.Baer.
La balistique interieure des canons a biergols liquides injectes.
par A.Mclchior et J.M.Auvray.
Ignition, combustion, and physical properties of liquid propellant at gun pressures.
by G.G.Cook and T.O.Andrews.
Propellant developments in the field of large caliber artillery ammunition.
by J.Knobloch, G.Stockman and H.Vasatko.
Mechanical behaviour of propellant grains under heavy dynamic load.
by G. Zimmermann.
Field artillery gun performances related to triple-base powder quality.
by B.D'Andrea, M.Petrucci and M. Di Lorenzo.
Pressure wave - gun barrel interactions.
by A.B.Crowley and W.P.C.King.
Investigation of erosion in high performance tank gun tubes.
by H.Krumni.
Bore temperature and heat flux in a 40mm gun barrel.
by B.Lawton.
LOVA propellant development.
by J.J.Rocchio.
Desensibilisation de charges propulsives.
par R.Mesnil.
On the thermal behaviour of the barrel during the interior ballistic cycle of propellant guns.
by W J.Kolkert, M.Waas and H.G.The.
Interior ballistics of small arms: particular problems.
by R.Meysmans and E.Celens.
Etude experimentale de l'allumage d une charge propulsive par visualisation du phenomene.
par C.Berthommier.
Measurement of important ballistic flow properties by spectroscopic techniques.
by G.Klingenberg.
Modelling the behaviour of additives in gun barrels.
by N.Rhodes and J.Ludwig.
Novel ignition systems for heavy calibre guns.
by C.N.Bowden, G.G.Cook and P.S.Henning.
Ignition of high-performance gun ammunition.
by H.Penner.
Combustion sous hautes pressions: confrontation theorie-experience.
par D.Grune et M.Samirant.
Etude theorique de la balistique interieure de canons avec charge embarquee.
par M.Dervaux et M.Nicolas.
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