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Walsh Michael R., Walsh Marianne E., Hewitt Alan D. Energetic Residues from the Expedient Disposal of Artillery Propellants
(Волш Михаэл, Волш Марианна, Хевит Алан. Следы остатков энергетических материалов при санкционированном уничтожении артиллерийских порохов).
Hanover, NH: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. 2009. – 50 р.
Military live-fire training missions utilizing mortars and howitzers frequently generate excess propellant charges. Disposal of this propellant is often done on-site and is referred to as expedient disposal. Investigations into energetics residues resulting from expedient disposal of propellants began in 2002 with the collection of residues inside and outside a propellant bu structure. These residues contained very high concentrations of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene, an indication that the buing process was not complete.
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