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Wilburn David R. and I. Bleiwas Donald. Platinum-Group Metals-World Supply and Demand
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2004-1224. 2004. -152 p. (En. ).

Публичный отчёт Геологической службы США по платиноидам: ретроспектива и современное состояние цен, производства первичного и вторичного металла, потребления, использования.
Первоисточник: сайт Геологической службы США: http://minerals.usgs.gov

Platinum-Group Metal Resources, Production, and Supply
Secondary PGM Supply—Recycling
PGM Supply From 2002 to 2010
PGM End Use
End Use by Sector
PGM Use From 2003 to 2010
Historical Average Prices
Projected Supply and Use From 2003 to 2010
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Alapieti T.T. (ed.) and Karki A.J. (ed.) Early Palaeoproterozoic (2.5-2.4) Tornio - Narankavaara Layered Intrusion Belt and related Chrome and Platinum-Group Element mineralization, Northern Finland

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Field trip guidebook. Prepared for the 10th Platinum Symposium in Oulu Finland 2005. Geological Survey of Finland, Guide 51a. Espoo, 2005. 110 p. Полевой путеводитель по комплексам и месторождениям платиноидов. Подготовлен для 10-го Платинового симпозиума. Contents: Early Palaeoproterozoic (2.5-2.4 Ga) Tornio – N?r?nk?vaara Layered Intrusion Belt and Related Chrome and Platinum-group Element Mineralization, Northern Finland The Kemi Intrusion a...

Cabri L.J. The Geology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Bene?ciation of Platinum-Group Elements

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Published for the Geological Society of Cim as Cim Special volume 54 by Canadian institute of mining, Metallurgy and petroleum. Contents. Preface iii. L.J. Cabri. Sample Preparation and Bulk Analytical Methods for Pge. E.L. Hoffman and B. Dunn. The Platinum-Group Minerals. L.J. Cabri. Ternary and Quaternary Phase Systems with Pge. E. Makovicky. Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry of Ma?c and Ultrama?c rocks. J.H. Crocket. The Aqueous Geochemistry...

Exploration of Gas Hydrates. Geophysical Techniques. Thakur, Naresh Kumar, Rajput, Sanjeev. 1st Edition., 2011

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Справочное руководство по разработке газогидратных месторождений. Provides the state-of-the-art for gas hydrate exploration. Treats various geophysical techniques in order to qualify gas hydrates reserves. Written with an interdisciplinary approach. Gas hydrates are ice-like crystalline substances that form a rigid cage of water molecules and entrap hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas by hydrogen bonding. Natural gas hydrate is primarily compos...

IAEA. World Distribution of Uranium Deposits (UDEPO) with Uranium Deposit Classification 2009 Edition

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International Atomic Energy Agency, 2009. p. 117 Having comprehensive information on the worldwide uranium deposits is crucial for implementation of significant nuclear power programmes in the world, especially with the increasing interest in nuclear power and concerns about the supply of energy resources.

Misra Understanding Mineral Deposits (1999)

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Kula Misra has met that challenge and produced a first-rate book that reviews the techniques employed in ore deposit research and summarize the geological and geochemical characteristics and origins of selected classes of metallic ore deposits. In a field that generates new data daily, Understanding Mineral Deposits is up-to-date useful. With this book he has succeeded in high-lighting the multidimensional nature of economic geology. It is also a...

Mungall J.E. Exploration for platinum-group elements deposits

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Short Course delivered on behalf of the Mineralogical Association of Canada in Oulu, Finland, 6-7 August 2005.Mineralogical Association of Canada Short Course Series Volume 35. Toronto (Can. ), 2005. -498 p. Материалы крупного международного совещания в Канаде по проблемам геологоразведки PGE месторождений. Качество хорошее - pdf-макет. ZIP-архив нескольких файлов: главы, содержание и индекс. This book is designed to give a progression from the...

Mutanen Tapani. Geology and ore petrology of the Akanvaara and Koitelainen mafic layered intrusions and the Keivitsa-Satovaara layered complex, northern Finland

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Geological Survey of Finland, Bulletin 395, 1997. - 240 p. , 88 fig. , 11 tab. and 5 appended maps. The Akanvaara and Koitelainen intrusions, ca 2440 Ma old, represent a group of cratonic mafic layered intrusions (aged from 2500 to 2440 Ma) of the Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield. These intrusions, which show all the standard types of igneous layering, host deposits of chromite, vanadium, titanium, platinum-group elements (PGE) and gold. Первоист...

Rasilainen K., et al. Quantitative mineral resource assessment of platinum, palladium, gold, nickel, and copper in undiscovered PGE deposits in mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions in Finland

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Rasilainen, K. , Eilu, P. , Halkoaho, T. , Iljina, M. & Karinen, T.Geological Survey of Finland, Report of Investigation 180, 2010. 338 pages, 8 figures, 7 tables and 5 appendices. Most of the known platinum group element (PGE) resources in Finland are in contact- and reef-type deposits in 2.45 Ga mafic-ultramafic layered intrusions. These intrusions also have the potential to contain the majority of possibly existing, yet undiscovered, PGE...

Thakur N.K., Rajput S. Exploration of Gas Hydrates: Geophysical Techniques

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Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2011, 281 pages This book treats various geophysical techniques in order to quantify the gas hydrate reserves and their impact on environment. The primary goal of this book is to provide the state of art for gas hydrate exploration. The target audiences for this book are non-specialist from different branches of science, graduate students and researchers. Gas hydrates are ice-like crystalline substances that form a r...

Tormanen T.O., Alapieti T.T. (eds). Platinum-Group Elements - from Genesis to Benefication and Environmental Impact

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Extended abstracts of 10th International Platinum Simposium, August 8-11, 2005. Oulu, Finland. Geological Survey of Finland. -2005. 617 p. (En. ) Качество скана среднее хорошее. Оглавления нет. Тематический сборник включает материалы (доклады) по платинометалльной тематике. Типовой доклад представляет собой обзор (состояние изученности, строение, запасы и ресурсы, планы на будущее) по индивидуальному геологоразведочному проекту. Объекты изучения...