Информатика и вычислительная техника
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Янков К. Изследване на динамиката на биологични процеси
Трета национална научно-техническа конференция с международно участие Екология и здраве 2000, Пловдив, 26 окт.2000г. стр.293-296.
Abstract. The most apparent and yet fundamental characteristic of living organisms is their capacity to self-maintain, self-regulate, and self-reproduce. The ability to do these functions depends on the smooth, coordinated functioning of the different organ systems and their components. The ultimate goal in the analysis of a complex biological system is to define, in mathematical terms, the input-output relationship of the overall system, as well as its components. This paper discusses the means for studying of dynamics biological systems using specialized software KORELIA-DYNAMICS.
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