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Янков К., Толекова А., Спасов В. Математическо моделиране на лекарствено предизвикани промени в плазмената ренинова активност
П. Фармация, том 45, бр.1, 1998, с.26-29.
Mathematical Modeling of Drug-Induced Changes in Plasma Renin Activity
Abstract. The mathematical model (MM) of plasma renin activity (PRA) changes is offered. The modeling was based on the estimation of studied parameter changes after applying impulse input influence. The experiment was carried out on 126 male white rats. Nifedipine was given in doses 20 and 40 mg/kg and PRA was measured at 30-th min., 1, 3, 5 и 7-th hour. For the purpose of the mathematical model it was assumed that the treatment with nifedipine was similar to applying impulse Dirac function. The results were interpolated to obtain weight transient function W(t) using computer program KORELIA. Concentration transition function h(t) was obtained after integration. The curves h(t) was necessary to evaluate the characteristics of the PRA: steady state level and settling time. The function h(t) in both cases respond to self regulation system described by differential equation of first range.
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