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Young D. Computational Chemistry: A Practical Guide for Applying Techniques to Real World Problems
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , 2001, 408 p.
A practical, easily accessible guide for bench-top chemists, this book focuses on accurately applying computational chemistry techniques to everyday chemistry problems.
Provides nonmathematical explanations of advanced topics in computational chemistry.
Focuses on when and how to apply different computational techniques.
Addresses computational chemistry connections to biochemical systems and polymers.
Provides a prioritized list of methods for attacking difficult computational chemistry problems, and compares advantages and disadvantages of various approximation techniques.
Describes how the choice of methods of software affects requirements for computer memory and processing time.
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Wilеy-Intеrscience, 1999, 555 pages Monte Carlo methods have become a widely used computational approach to many-dimensional problems in chemical physics. They provide techniques for quantum mechanical, classical mechanical, and statistical mechanical simulations of molecular processes and thermo-dynamics in chemistry, physics, and biology. No single previous volume has brought together the latest trends in Monte Carlo simulations. In sixteen d...

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2nd ed. - Gaussian, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA, 1996. – 304 p. This book serves as an introduction to the capabilities of and procedures for this variety of computational chemistry. It is designed to teach you how to use electronic structure modeling to investigate the chemical phenomena of interest to you. This work was developed using the Gaussian series of computational chemistry programs for all of its specific examples and exercises (specifically...

Greene Dennis J., Haas Charles N. Farouk Bakhtier Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Effects of Reactor Configuration

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Water Environment Research, Volume 78, Number 9, September 2006. The efficacy of disinfection processes in water purification systems is governed by several key factors, including reactor hydraulics, disinfectant chemistry, and microbial inactivation kinetics. The objective of this work was to develop a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model to predict velocity fields, mass transport, chlorine decay, and microbial inactivation in a continuous...

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2nd ed. , 2007. - 620 p. Introduction to Computational Chemistry Frank Jensen Odense University, Denmark Computational chemistry is a rapidly emerging and developing area, combining theoretical models with computers to investigate a variety of chemical phenomena. Increasingly applied throughout chemistry, computational methods are becoming an integral part of modern chemical research. Introduction to Computational Chemistry provides a comprehensi...

Rangaiah G. Stochastic Global Optimization Techniques and Applications in Chemical Engineering: Techniques and Applications in Chemical Engineering

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World Scientific Publishing Company. 2010. 724p Optimization has played a key role in the design, planning and operation of chemical and related processes, for several decades. Global optimization has been receiving considerable attention in the past two decades. Of the two types of techniques for global optimization, stochastic global optimization is applicable to any type of problems having non-differentiable functions, discrete variables and/o...

Turbomole Tutorial

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This tutorial gives short description on how to prepare step by step, set up and submit calculations using one of the most powerful Computational Quantum Chemistry program - Turbomole.

Turbomole User's Manual for ab initio calculations

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This is a manual for one of the widely used powerful Computational Quantum Chemistry package for ab initio calculations. It explains how to prepare input, read output and key words for – HF-SCF; – DFT; – frequency calculations (IR, Raman spectra); – geometry optimization; – RI-DFT [Ridft, Aoforce, Escf] – MP2 [Mpgrad] – RI-MP2 [Rimp2] – stability analysis [Escf] – electronic excitations by CIS, RPA, TD-DFT [Escf] – excited state structures and p...