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Zhang K., Li D. Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and Optoelectronics
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2008, 711 pages
This book is a first year graduate text on electromagnetic fields and waves. At the same time it serves as a useful reference for researchers and engineers in the areas of microwaves and optoelectronics. Following the presentation of the physical and mathematical foundations of electromagnetic theory, the book discusses the field analysis of electromagnetic waves confined in material boundaries, or so-called guided waves, electromagnetic waves in open space, scalar diffraction theory and active devices. The theories and methods presented in the book are foundations of wireless engineering, microwave and millimeter wave techniques, optoelectronics and optical fiber transmission.
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Chen L., Ongand C. Microwave Electronics Measurement and Materials Characterization

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Wiley, England, 2004 - 549c. Electromagnetic Properties of Materials. Microwave Theory and Techniques for Materials Characterization. Re?ection Methods. Transmission/Re?ection Methods. Resonator Methods. Resonant-perturbation Methods. Planar-circuit Methods. Measurement of Permittivity and Permeability Tensors. Measurement of Ferroelectric Materials. Microwave Measurement of Chiral Materials. Measurement of Microwave Electrical Transport Properti...

Harri Eskelinen. Microwave component mechanics

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2003 год, Издательство "Artech house, Inc. ", 389 с. Acknowledgments xv. ntroduction xvii. Part 1: Design for manufacturability and Assembly. of mechanical microwave components. special Requirements for microwave mechanics. Fundamentals of microwaves. maxwell’s Equations. general wave Propagation. Dimensional Uncertainties. material Problems. A good conductor. Electromagnetic Radiation. Electromagnetic waves Initiated by cavities. connection Phi...

Hristov H.D. Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links, Zone Plate Lenses and Antennas

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Artech House, 2000, 323 Pages. A survey of Fresnel zones in microwave/millimeter-wave electromagnetics, this work covers theory, design and practical applications. It includes a detailed description of the application of Fresnel zones to microwave wireless communication links as well as a description of the state-of-the-art in newly created zone plate lens and antenna technologies. It also contains an overview of the basic electromagnetic equat...

Kurokawa K. An introduction to the theory of microwave circuits

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Academic Press, New York and London, 1969 Bell telephone laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey Рассматриваются: теория цепей, электромагнитные поля, волноводы, резонаторы, матрицы при расчетах волноводных переходов, связанные моды, периодические СВЧ структуры, линейные усилители, осцилляторы.

Makimoto M., Yamashita S. Microwave Resonators and Filters for Wireless Communication: Theory, Design and Application

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This book describes the basic theory of microwave resonators and filters, and practical design methods for wireless communication equipment. Wireless communication is rapidly gaining in importance in our modern information society. Mobile communication equipment is required to be more compact, lighter weight, to have longer operating times, and be battery operated for portability. The microwave resonators and filters described in this book provid...

Misra D.K. Radio-Frequency and Microwave Communications Circuits: Analysis and Design

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  • добавлен 05 января 2012 г.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001. - 588 pages. This book assumes only a basic course in electronic circuits as a prerequisite. Instead of using electromagnetic fields as most of microwave engineering books do, the subject is introduced via circuit concept. Further, an overview of communication systems is presented in the beginning to provide the reader with an overall perspective of the various building blocks involved.

Virdee B.S. and al. Broadband Microwave Amplifiers - Artech House Inc

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2004 г. Книга посвящена вопросам проектирования широкополосных СВЧ усилителей. (на англ. языке). Contents: Overview of Broadband Amplifiers. Principles and Applications of Distributed Amplifiers. Device Structure and Mode of Operation. Device Characterization and Modeling. Amplifier Class of Operation. Design of Broadband Microwave Amplifiers. Fabrication of Broadband Amplfiers. Ultrabroadband Hybrid and broadband Monolithic Amplifiers. Appendix...

Yarman B.D. Design of ultra wideband power transfer networks // Wiley 2010

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Design of ultra wideband power transfer networks / by Binboga Siddik Yarman. Wiley 2010 - p.755 ISBN 978-0-470-31989-5. Книга посвящена вопросам синтеза цепей связи для СВЧ устройств и систем. В основном рассматриваются численные процедуры синтеза согласующих цепей на основе метода реальной частоты. Есть примеры программ на МАТЛАБ. Будет интересна всем кто интересуется проблемами структурного синтезам СВЧ цепей и устройств [на англ. языке] Co...