Наноматериалы и нанотехнологии
Академическая и специальная литература
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Bhushan Bharat (ed.). Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology
2nd revised and extended edition. - Springer, 2007. - 1917 p.
From the reviews:

"This handbook is more like an applications-oriented encyclopedia of the current state of the art in nanotechnology[…] the strong point is its focus on many of the practical aspects of nanotechnology. There are many illustrations, graphs, photographs, and drawing that accompany the text to clearly convey the information, and there is a very extensive reference listing[…] Anyone working in or leaing about the field of nanotechnology would find this and excellent working handbook." (EEE Electrical Insulation Magazine)

"There has been a need for a 'generally accessible how-to guide to nanotechnology for specialists and nonspecialists' Now there is a bulky volume with he clear amibition to fulfil this need. With more than 1200 pages, 972 illustrations, 90 authors and 38 chapters, and an accompanying CD containing the full searchable text, it looks like a book matching the breadth and importance of the subject matter." (Chemistry and Industry)

"The Handbook of Nanotechnology outstandingly succeeds in its aim… It will be extremely useful to graduate researchers and scientists wishin to expand their knowledge. … All sections are well written and well laid out with excellent references and illustrations – both clear line diagrams and micrographs… It really is a magnificent volume and every scientific library and nanotechnology group should have a copy." (Materials World)

"The 38 essays in this massive volume describe a wide range of techniques used in fabricating nanometer-scale materials and machines. Most of the authors provide brief sketches of the historical background behind, or physical-chemical principles underlying, the fabrication techniques. While the authors allude to numerous practical applications, the principal focus is on the techniques themselves: physical and chemical processes for designing materials and machines with specific properties and functions. Despite the many authors and fields of science and engineering covered, the volume does appear as a unit. The writing is generally clear and precise, and the numerous grayscale illustrations and photographs are of excellent quality and assist visualization of the techniques described. A CD-ROM includes all of the printed matter as pdf files …
This book, and associated CD-ROM, should be on every nanotechnology researcher’s shelf. It is possibly the most comprehensive text available on aspects of nanophysics and nano-fabrication and as such it will be an invaluable reference text… The material and diagrams within the book are factual and accurate, and are presented with significant emphasis on real, practical examples of nanotechnology. . Nanotechnology is a very diverse area, covering physical, chemical, biological and engineering aspects, and the range of authors who have contributed to this book reflect this diversity…Its major strengths over other published literature are in the area of physics and engineering, and there are truly excellent sections on fabrication and microscopic techniques…Overall, l would buy this book, and recommend it to my colleagues and research students. It is well written, and will be a significant resource for teaching and research." (Chemistry in Australia)
1222 pages.
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (February 17, 2004).
Language: English.
ISBN-10: 3540012184.
ISBN-13: 978-3540012184.
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