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Black W. Improving Listening - Free MultiROM CD
This is a free MultiROM CD for ESL students and teachers. It has 9 different listening tests, two of them include videos which have really interesting topics.

Materials used in this CD were found on the some inteet web sites. They are given as free study resources. These web pages are referenced in the CD with their full web addresses.
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Black W. Advanced Listening and Speaking Audio Part 1

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Publisher: Oxford. Date: 2000. Format: MP3. Practical training in listening and speaking for the CAE.rn

Black W. Advanced Listening and Speaking. Audio. Part 2

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Publisher: Oxford. Date: 2000. Format: MP3. Practical training in listening and speaking for the CAE.rn

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Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: 2008 Format: mp3 Open Forum is a three-level listening and speaking skills series for English language learners who need practice in extended listening and discussion in preparation for academic work, or to attain a personal goal. The series is structured around high-interest listening texts with an academic focus that engage and motivate students. Units feature academic content areas such as Busines...

Course Paper - Listening teaching

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KSU I. Arabaev III year student, 20 pages. Bishkek 2011. Goals and Techniques for Teaching Listening. Teaching Listening Better: Is Listening being taught as well as it could be? What do we teach when we teach Listening? The Listening Skills (an all too often forgotten skill set). The Default Method The Listening Process Integrating Meta cognitive Strategies. Strategies for Developing Listening Skills. Listening Strategies. Using the pre-listeni...

Global ebook. Listening Skills & Tests (With Audio)

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Global ebook, 2009, 59 pages, AudioCD, PDF+mp3, 38 MB. A step by step practice in developing listening comprehension & improving reading skills. Vital exposure to international standardrised test taking. Wide-ranging tests format. Skill-based practice.

Gude Kathy. Advanced Listening and Speaking Multimedia Course

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Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: 1999 Format: mp3 How can it be used? * As a supplement to Advanced Masterclass, for those students who require further help for Papers 4 and 5 of the CAE exam. Key features * Each of the free-standing units gives teaching and practice for all the skills and task-types covered by the exam. * The topic areas are approached from innovative angles and use interesting and unusual texts as prompt materials....

Haines Simon, Stewart Barbara. Landmark Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book

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Издательство: Oxford University Press 2000 г. "Landmark" is a general English course for adults and young adults available at two levels, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. Interesting skills work, with a special focus on improving speaking and listening, is combined with grammar work which brings review and new input together, and vocabulary development. Activities develop the learner's ability to work independently, and maintain motivation...

Karant P. Headlines: an advanced text for reading, speaking, and listening

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Prentice Hall Regents. 158 p. Chapters 1- 15. Listening Transcripts. Answer Key. The book combines reading, vocabulary, listening, and speaking for advanced students of English as a second language. It can be used as the basic text for advanced classes in oral communication, listening comprehension, and reading skills. Each chapter includes a newspaper article selected for its lively approach to a modern topic, a simulated news broadcast that p...

Robinson C. Themes for Listening and Speaking

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  • добавлен 18 сентября 2010 г.
Oxford University Press, 1986 Pages: 96, PDF, MP3, 85mb Themes for Listening and Speaking are designed for all advanced students of English who need to improve their listening and speaking skills. The book has been organized to give maximum flexibility. By consulting the Lesson Planner at the front of the book, it is possible to follow a variety of paths through the units, choosing on the basis of topic or linguistic criteria. Each unit is divide...

Wetz Ben, Pye Diana, Tims Nicholas, Styring James. English Plus 1 Test Bank MultiRom

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Welcome to the English Plus Test Bank MultiROM 1 – the complete teacher resource for continuous assessment, with materials that you can customize for your students and your teaching situation. This MultiROM works in two ways: In your computer it has tests as PDFs and Word documents, with answer keys and tapescripts. In your CD player you can play the audio tracks for the listening exercises.