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Cogan Brian, Kelso Tony. Encyclopedia of Politics, the Media, and Popular Culture
Greenwood Press, 2009. — 399 p.
Энциклопедия политики, средств массовой информации и популярной культуры. Рассмотрены взаимосвязи между политикой, средствами массовой информации и попкультурой и их развитие в последние 200 лет.
Covering topics that highlight the intersection between politics, media, and popular culture, this encyclopedia follows the connections between all three areas for the past 200 years, with the main focus on developments since the advent of movies and broadcast radio. It is divided into two sections. The first section consists of eight chapters, each taking a look at how politics has meshed with feature films and documentaries, radio, television, broadcast news (both serious and satirical), music, advertising, and the Inteet. Each chapter ends with a further-reading list. The second section contains 247 A–Z entries covering people (Ken Bus, Ann Coulter, Hillary Clinton), music (Bo in the USA, Country music), events (Kennedy-Nixon debates, Live Aid), radio and television programs (The Simpsons, War of the Worlds radio program), new media (Blog, YouTube), and more. Within the text, bold type is used to alert the reader to terms that are also entry headings. For some topics, such as Pirate radio and Twitter, see references refer the reader to pages in part 1 for information. A bibliography follows the A–Z portion of the book. This volume provides a thoughtful look at how pop culture and the media, both historical and contemporary, affect or reflect political events. It is recommended for academic and large public libraries.
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