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Davidson P.A. An Introduction to Magnetohydrodynamics
Cambridge University Press, 2001. 452 p. ISBN-10:0521794870

Magnetic fields are routinely used in industry to heat, pump, stir and levitate liquid metals. There is the terrestrial magnetic field that is maintained by fluid motion in the earth's core, the solar magnetic field, which generates sunspots and solar flares, and the galactic field that influences the formation of stars. This introductory text on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) (the study of the interaction of magnetic fields and conducting fluids) is intended to serve as an introductory text for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in physics, applied mathematics and engineering. The material in the text is heavily weighted toward incompressible flows and to terrestrial (as distinct from astrophysical) applications. The final sections of the text, which outline the latest advances in the metallurgical applications of MHD, make the book of interest to professional researchers in applied mathematics, engineering and metallurgy.
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(Magnetohydrodynamics by Т. G. Cowling). Пер. с англ. Э. Л. Бурштейна. — М.: Изд-во иностранной литературы, 1959. — 132 с. В книге систематически изложены основы новой области физики — магнитной гидродинамики, объектом исследования которой являются газообразные или жидкие проводящие среды. Магнитная гидродинамика приобретает -все большее значение в области астрофизики, геофизики, а также в вопросах, связанных с осуществлением управляемых термояд...

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The University of Texas at Austin, 227 pages, 1997. The textbook have been consulted most frequently whilst developing coursematerial are: Introduction to electrodynamics: D.J. Griffiths, 2nd edition (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cli®s NJ, 1989).nElectromagnetism: I.S. Grant and W.R. Phillips (John Wiley & Sons, Chich-ester, 1975).Classical electromagnetic radiation: M.A. Heald and J.B. Marion, 3rd edition (Saunders College Publishing, Fort Wort...

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Wiley-IEEE Press, 2007, pages: 297 A thorough and insightful introduction to using genetic algorithms to optimize electromagnetic systems. Genetic Algorithms in Electromagnetics focuses on optimizing the objective function when a computer algorithm, analytical model, or experimental result describes the performance of an electromagnetic system. It offers expert guidance to optimizing electromagnetic systems using genetic algorithms (GA), which...

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Lehnert B. A Revised Electromagnetic Theory with Fundamental Applications

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Svenska fysikarkivet, 2008, 157 p. Introduction Short Review of Some Modified Theories Basis of Present Theory A Review of New Aspects and Applications General Features of Steady Axisymmetric States A Model of the Electron A Model of the Neutrino Plane Waves Cylindrical Wave Modes Superluminosity Nonlocality Summary of Obtained Main Results