Электричество и магнетизм
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Knoepfel H.E. Magnetic Fields: A Comprehensive Theoretical Treatise for Practical Use
John Wiley & Sons, 2000, 647 p.

Maxwells Field Equations
Electromagnetic Field Approximations
Electrodynamics of Moving Media
Alteative Electromagnetic Equations
Boundary Conditions
Magnetic Scalar Potential
Magnetic Vector Potential
Fields in Cylindrical and Straight Conductors
Inductance of Conductors
Structure of Magnetic Fields
Complex Functions
Sinusoidal and Rotating Electromagnetic Fields
Wave Phenomena
Magnetic Diffusion Theory
Field Diffusion into Plane Conductors
Field Diffusion in Cylindrical Geometry
Eddy Currents
Diffusion in Electric Circuits
Electromagnetic Energy Equations
Magnetic Heating in Constant Conductivity Conductors
Heating in Thin Conductors
Nonlinear Magnetic Diffusion
Electromagnetic Forces
Magnetic Forces on Rigid Conductors
Magnetic Propulsion Effects in Conducting Sheets
Acceleration and Trajectories of Particles
Stress-Strain Relations and their Limits
Stresses in Solenoidal Magnets
Stresses in Toroidal Magnets
Force-Free Fields and Current Distributions
Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
Magnetic Flux Compression
Some Properties of Matter
Numerical Computation Methods
Approximation by Filamentary or Simple Elemental Conductors
Analog Methods
A1 Electromagnetic Units and Equations
A2 Mathematical Functions
A3 Coordinate Systems, Vector and Tensor Relations
A4 Some Solutions of Second-Order Differential Equations
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