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Dominelli Lena. Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice
Теория и практика феминистской социальной работы. Издательство Палгрейв, 2002. 203 стр. Язык английский.
- Feminists Envisage the Creation of Egalitarian Social Relations
- Feminist Theory and Practice has Implications for Men and Children
- Feminist Social Work
- Relocating Social Work
- Researching Feminist Social Work Practice
- The Structure of the Book
- Notes
Theorising Feminist Social Work Practice
- Introduction
- Creating New Understandings of Women’s Lives
- Feminist Theories Encompass a Range of Positions
- Reconceptualising Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice
- Conclusions
- Notes
Contextualising Feminist Social Work Theory and Practice
- Dependency: A Key Element in Women’s and Social Workers’
- Relationships with the State
- Globalisation Changes the Welfare State
- Privatisation within a Mixed Economy of Care
- Commodifying Empowerment
- Deprofessionalising Social Work
- Privatisation and the Individualising of Collective Welfare Conces
- The Backlash Against Women’s Emancipation and Public Patriarchy
- The Insider–Outsider Role
- Postmode Welfare
- Conclusions
- Notes
Redefining Professionalism
- Professional Social Work
- Feminist Challenges to Traditional Professionalism
- Redefining Professional Social Work from a Feminist
- Perspective
- Conclusions
Working with Men
- The Complexities of Sexual Politics
- Men in Social Work
- The Men’s Movement
- Problematising Masculinity
- Working with Men
- The Relevance of Feminist Social Work Theory to Working with Men
- Gendered Social Relations in Social Work
- Conclusions
Working with Children and Families
- Patriarchal Families
- Contested Families
- Children’s Rights as Inalienable Human Rights
- Women’s Mothering Skills are the Main Focus of Social Work Intervention
- Fathering as an Economic Relation
- The State as Parent
- Patriarchal Control of Women’s Reproductive Capacities Through ‘New’ Technologies
- Conclusions
Working with Adults
Redrawing the Boundaries of Care in the Community
- Institutionalised Ageism and Creating a Society Fit for All Ages
- Redefining Communities in Caring Situations
- Shifting Professional Boundaries and Deprofessionalising
- Social Work with Older People
- Caring for the Carers
- Elder Abuse
- Conclusions
Working with Offenders
- Probation: Rehabilitation or Punishment?
- Feminist Criminologists Highlight the Link Between Masculinity and Crime
- Women Offenders
- The Criminalisation of Young Offenders
- Working with Offenders from a Feminist Perspective
- Conclusions
- Conclusions
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