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Foster John L. Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian lyric poetry
Фостер Джон Л.
Гимны, молитвы и песни: Антология лирической поэзии Древнего Египта, 1995, англ. яз.
The Transfiguration of the King: Hymns and Prayers from The Pyramid Texts.
Hymns and Prayers to Re.
Hymns and Prayers to Osiris.
Hymns and Prayers to Amun-Re.
Hymns and Prayers from The Book of the Dead.
Amaa: The Heretical Interlude of Aton.
Hymns and Prayers to Other Deities: The Riches of Polytheism.
The Nature of the Beyound: The Prayers of Pahery.
Hymns, Prayers and Praises to Pharaoh: The Divine King.
From the Schoolboy Miscellanies: Passing of the Religious Tradition.
Harper`s Song: In Praise of Life.
Love Songs: In Praise of Love.
Other Poems.