Матметоды и моделирование в горно-геологической отрасли
Геологические науки и горное дело
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Fowler A. Mathematical Geoscience
Springer-Verlag London Limited, 2011. -904 pp.
This book conces the application of mathematics to problems in the physical sciences, and particularly to problems which arise in the study of the environment. Much of the environment consists of fluid—the atmosphere, the ocean—and even those parts which are solid may deform in a fluid-like way—ice sheets, glaciers, the Earth’s mantle; as a consequence, one way into the study of the environment is through the study of fluid dynamics, although we shall not follow that approach here. Rather, we shall approach the study of environmental problems as applied mathematicians, where the emphasis is on building a suitable mathematical model and solving it, and in this introductory chapter, we set out the stall of techniques and attitudes on which the subsequent chapters are based.
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