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Gonschorek K.-H., Vick R. Electromagnetic Compatibility for Device Design and System Integration
Springer-Verlag, 2009, 470 p.

Motivation and Overview
Thinking in Voltages, Currents, Fields and Impedances
Electric Fields
Magnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Fields
The Interference Model
Intrasystem Measures
Atmospheric Noise, Electromagnetic Environment and Limit Values
EMC Engineering and Analysis
Numerical Techniques for Field Calculation
Model for Immunity Testing
Electric Fields of Rod Arrangements
Magnetic Stray Fields
Self and Mutual Inductances
Elementary Dipoles
The Polarization Ellipsis
Skin Effect and Shielding Theory of Schelkunoff
Example of an EMC-Design Guide for Systems
25 EMC-Rules for the PCB-Layout and the Device Construction
Easy-to-use Procedure for Predicting the Cable Transfer Impedance
Capacitances and Inductances of Common Interest
Reports of Electromagnetic Incompatibilities
Solutions to the Exercises
Physical Constants and Conversion Relations
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