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Grau A. Dance
DK CHILDREN, 2005. - 72 pages.

Here is an original and exciting guide to the magic and beauty of dance around the world. Step-by-step sequences and glorious full-color photographs offer a unique eyewitness view of dance traditions including the magical performances, stunning costumes and extraordinary talent of dancers. See a ballet costume designed by Picasso, dancers who balance on stilts, and headdresses studded with gemstones. Lea why male dancers sometimes dress as women, the stories of the great classical ballets, and why the tango was banned. Discover why Javanese dancers "flow like water, " see dance crazes from the last 100 years, witness the dervishes who whirl around in worship, and much, much more.
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Кириченко Г. Танец живота

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Изд. "Клуб семейного досуга", 2007 г. , 105 стр.: илл. Танец живота или беллиданс (belly dance) - это не только красивое, пластичное, завораживающее, завлекающее зрелище, но также и уникальная оздоровительная система, специфически женская, подходящая для любой фигуры, любого возраста и веса, омолаживающая организм. Хорошо иллюстрированный с пошаговым описанием всех деталей и операций самоучитель позволит сравнительно быстро освоиться с техникой...

Майа дас (ред.) Абхинайа-чандрика и танец одисси (на англ. языке и санскр.)

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Abhinaya-candrikaa and odissi dance, vol. I Ред. Майа дас, гл. редакторы Сушма Кулшрештха, А. Ч. Саранги Eastern book linkers, Delhi, 2001 - 136 pp. Книга представляет орисский текст "Абхинайа-чандрики", посвящённый танцу одисси. В этой работе современный одисси сопоставляется с текстом трактата. Впервые текст выпускается в полной редакции. С середины 50-х одисси преодолел международные барьеры, и хотя в этой книге рассматриваются все практически...

Bremser M. Fifty Contemporary Choreographers

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Routledge, 2000. - 240 pages. Fifty Contemporary Choreographers provides a unique guide to some of today's most important dance-makers. Each entry includes: a biographical section a chronological list of works a detailed bibliography a critical essay Thus, instead of just presenting the facts, the entries in this book locate each choreographer's style and influence within the development of contemporary dance. The range of entries is impressive...

Buckland T.J. (editor) Dancing from Past to Present: Nation, Culture, Identities

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University of Wisconsin Press, 2007. - 260 pages. This groundbreaking collection combines ethnographic and historic strategies to reveal how dance plays crucial cultural roles in various regions of the world, including Tonga, Java, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New Mexico, India, Korea, Macedonia, and England. The essays find a balance between past and present and examine how dance and bodily practices are core identity and cultural creators. Reaching be...

Cohen, Selma Jeanne: The Modern Dance - Seven Statements of Belief

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Publication Year: 2011 CONTRIBUTORS: Jose Limon, Anna Sokolow, Erick Hawkins, Donald McKayle, Alwin Nikolas, Pauline Koner, Paul Taylor. Published by: Wesleyan University Press, 106 pages Contents Introduction: THE CATERPILLAR'S QUESTION WHEN I asked these choreographers to write about the modern dance, I anticipated the possibility of their feeling somewhat as Alice did when the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth and addressed her in...

Layson J. Dance History: An Introduction

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Routledge, 1994. - 304 pages. Originally published in 1983, the first edition rapidly established itself as a core student text. Now fully revised and up-dated it remains the only book to address the rationale, process, techniques and methodologies specific to the study of dance history. For the main body of the text which covers historical studies of dance in its traditional and performance contexts, the editors have brought together a team of...

Thomas H. Dance, Modernity and Culture: Explorations in the Sociology of Dance

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Routledge, 1995. - 211 pages. "In Dance, Modernity and Culture, Helen Thomas provides an original, interdisciplinary, approach to the study of dance. By examining the development of modern dance in the US during the inter-war period she develops a framework for analyzing dance from a sociological perspective. In applying her approach to the works of St Denis, Ted Shawn, and Martha Graham, amongst others, she relates the emergence of modern da...

Winkelhuis M., Dance to you maximum

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Рабочая книга конкурсного танцора, Амстердам, 2001, 331 стр. Издатель www.danceplaza.com The Competition day The Season The dancer's career