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Haller B., Lawarum A., Douatai D., etc. Lexique zulgo-français-fulfulde
Yaoundé: SIL, 2003. — 42 p.
Холер Б., Лаварум А., Дуатай Д. и др. Краткий зулго-французско-фулфулде словарь.
The present lexicon was prepared by B. Haller, A. Lawarum, D. Douatai, H. Pourtshom, J.-P. Baitoua, G. Magdeme and J. Amadou. It contains more than 2 000 entries, with glosses given in French and Fulfulde. Tone is marked on the Zulgo lexemes.
Zulgo is a Chadic language spoken in the Far North province of Cameroon.