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Hargin B. Mechatronic system integration and design
Aerospace whitepaper. Mentor Graphics Corp. 5 p. На англ. языке.
В статье отмечена проблема, заключающаяся в трудности совместного использования цифровых и аналоговых устройств в мехатронных системах. Её предлагается решить с помощью обучения инженеров проектированию мехатронных систем, организации междисциплинарной коммуникации, аккуратного разделения этих систем и использования моделирования (например, в среде SystemVision).
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Adolfsson J., Karls J. (eds.) Mechatronics '98

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Springer, 2010. 281 p. ISBN:1849960798 Mechatronics in Action’s case-study approach provides the most effective means of illustrating how mechatronics can make products and systems more flexible, more responsive and possess higher levels of functionality than would otherwise be possible. The series of case studies serves to illustrate how a mechatronic approach has been used to achieve enhanced performance through the transfer of functionality...

Giurgiutiu V., Lyshevski S.E. Micromechatronics. Modeling, Analysis, and Design with Matlab

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2009. This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reasonable efforts have been made to publish reliable data and information, but the author and publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or the consequences of their use. The authors and publishers have attempted to trace the copyright holders of all material reproduced in this publication and apologize to copyright holders if...

Jensen M. Linking Early Mechatronic System Analysis to Physical Testing

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Improving Test Quality and Reducing Development Cycles. SystemVision Technical Paper Series. Mentor Graphics Corp. 10 p. На англ. языке. В статье рассмотрен подход к параллельному осуществлению проектирования мехатронной системы и разработки метода её испытаний. При этом целесообразно совместное использование программных сред SystemVision и LabVIEW.

Kaltenbacher M. Numerical Simulation of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators

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2nd Edition. Springer, 2007. 446 p. ISBN:978-3-540-71359-3 This is the second, enhanced and updated edition of an essential text for students of mechatronics. It covers both the detailed physical modeling of mechatronic systems and their precise numerical simulation using the Finite Element (FE) method. New material includes a section discussing locking effects as occurring in the numerical computation of thin mechanical structures as well as a...

Pelz G. Mechatronic systems. Modelling and Simulation with HDLS

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Second Edition. Cengage Learning, 2011. 528 p. ISBN-13:978-1-4390-6199-2, ISBN-10:1-4390-6199-8. This text by Shetty and Kolk, blends the pertinent aspects of mechatronics-system modeling, simulation, sensors, actuation, real-time computer interfacing, and control-into a single unified result suitable for use in the college-level mechatronic curriculum. Students are introduced to all the topics needed to develop a good understanding of the basi...

Wilamowski B.M.Control and Mechatronics (The Industrial Electronics Handbook)

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  • добавлен 21 мая 2011 г.
2nd Edition. CRC, 2011. 728 p. ISBN:1439802874 The successful construction of industrial systems requires an understanding of the various aspects of control theory. This area of engineering, like that of power electronics, is also seldom covered in depth in engineering curricula at the undergraduate level. The goal of this volume from The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition is to present many of the concepts of control in a manner t...