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Harrison Mike. An introduction to business and management ethics
Введение в этику бизнеса и менеджмента - Харрисон М.
Язык: английский.

The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to the language and concepts of business ethics and to show some of the benefits and challenges of applying these ideas in a practical, organisational context. This brief statement raises a number of issues, such as what is meant by ‘business ethics’, which will be addressed in the early chapters. However, we will assume from the start that the reader has an intuitive understanding of the need for an exploration of morality in business. We will also assume that such an exploration must provide a balance between criticism of business practice and constructive suggestions on how ethical behaviour may be encouraged.

A successful and fully functioning organisation is one of the most useful artefacts that society has produced. For centuries, the ability of people to work together in an organised way in pursuit of a common purpose has been the key driving force in converting ideas into large-scale changes. A primary way to obtain wealth and influence has been through running businesses and engaging in economic activity of some kind. This type of activity has also provided largescale employment, complementing work funded by the state in providing public services. At schools and colleges one of the largest specialist subjects is the study of business, while management training is a major industry supporting companies and other organisations.

This book is designed to support a consideration of the ethics of this activity, either in a group leaing environment or through individual study. Such consideration might take the form of a taught module devoted to business ethics or be a part of other general or specialist modules in business.


Part I What is business ethics?
An introduction to business ethics.
Concepts and models in business ethics.
Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Descriptive ethics.

Part II Ethical theories in an organisational setting.
Human rights and Kantian ethics.
Social contract theories.
Virtue ethics and the moral community.
Reputation, integrity and politics.

Part III Topics and cases in business ethics.
A guide to ethical case analysis and organisational research.
Language and context.
Discrimination and diversity.
Moral muteness and whistleblowing.
Perspectives from other cultures.
Managing risk.

Part IV Functional perspectives and cases.
The management of people.
An introduction to marketing ethics.
Moral distance – the selling of financial products.
Ethics and Operations Management.
Environmental management and Intellectual Property Claims.
Ethics, accountancy and Corporate Goveance.
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