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Hatfield J.L., Gandini A. (eds.) Nitrogen in the Environment
2nd ed. AP. 2008. 703 p.
The Nitrogen Cycle, Historical Perspective, and Current and Potential Future Conces
Transformation and Transport Processes of Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems
Importance and Effect of Nitrogen on Crop Quality and Health
Relationship of Environmental Nitrogen Metabolism to Human Health
Nitrogen Management in Field Crops of the Southe Cone of Latin America
Nitrate Losses to Surface Water Through Subsurface, Tile Drainage
Nitrogen in Groundwater Associated with Agricultural Systems
The Importance and Role of Watersheds in the Transport of Nitrogen
Nitrogen Transport and Fate in European Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands
Nitrogen Effects on Coastal Marine Ecosystems
Source, Dispersion and Fate of Atmospheric Ammonia
Gaseous Nitrogen Emissions from Livestock Farming Systems
Excnange of Gaseous Nitrogen Compounds Between Terrestrial Systems and the Atmosphere
The Impacts of Nitrogen Deposition on Forest Ecosystems
Proven Practices and Innovative Technologies for On-Farm Crop Nitrogen Management
Developing Software for Livestock Manure and Nutrient Management in the USA
Nitrogen Management Modeling Techniques: Assessing Cropping Systems/Landscape Combinations
DAYCENT Simulated Effects of land Use and Climate on County Level N Loss Vectors in the USA
Remediation of Drinking Water for Rural Populations
Remediation at the Water Treatment Plant
New Policy Directions
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