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Heikkinen P.M. Active sulphide mine tailings impoundments as sources of contaminated drainage: controlling factors, methods of characterisation and geochemical constraints for mitigation
Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo. 2009. 38 pages, 7 figures and 2 tables. Engl.
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Отчёт посвящен проблемам геоэкологической безопасности хранения хвостов обогащения сульфидных руд.
Overview of processes generating mine drainage in mine wastes.
Assessment and prediction of mine drainage generation from waste facilities.
Tailings-derived mine drainage issue in Finland.
Aims and scope of the study.
Study areas.
Hitura Ni mine.
Luikonlahti Cu mine and talc processing plant.
Material and methods Sampling and sample materials.
Water samples.
Tailings solids.
Analytical methods.
Characterisation of the waters at the mine sites.
Water quality measurements.
Cluster analysis.
Geochemical modelling.
Characterisation of the tailings solids.
Tailings mineralogy.
Tailings geochemistry.
Acid mine drainage potential of the tailings solids.
Overview of the individual studies.
Characterisation of tailings-derived groundwater and surface water.
contamination at the Hitura Ni mine (Paper i).
Mineral weathering and contaminant mobility within the Hitura.
low-sulphide tailings (Paper iI).
Spatial variation in element solid-phase speciation and sulphide.
oxidation intensity in the Hitura and Luikonlahti active sulphide tailings.
impoundments (Paper iiI).
Seepage water chemistry of the Hitura and Luikonlahti tailings.
impoundments (Paper Iv).
Discussion and recommendations.
Assessment of dispersal of tailings-derived contamination and.
recommendations for water quality monitoring.
Mineralogical and geochemical characterisation of tailings in the assessment.
of tailings weathering and contaminant mobility.
Selective extractions in evaluating the spatial distribution of sulphide.
weathering in active tailings impoundments: implications for.
design and closure.
epage water quality assessment: controlling factors and applications.
for water treatment.
Summary and conclusions.
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