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Hewitt C.N., Jackson A.V. (editors) Handbook of Atmospheric Science. Principles and Applications
Blackwell Publishing, 2003, 650 pp. - ISBN 0-632-05286-4

Chemical evolution of the atmosphere – (Richard P. Wayne).
Atmospheric energy and the structure of the atmosphere – (Hugh Сое and Ann R. Webb)
The earth’s climates – (John G. Lockwood)
Biogeochemical cycles and residence times – (Dudley E. Shallcross, Kuo-Ying Wang, and Claudia H. Dimmer).
Sources of air pollution – (Andrea V. Jackson)
Tropospheric photochemistry – (Paul S. Monks)
Stratospheric chemistry and transport – (A. Robert Mackenzie).
Aqueous phase chemistry of the troposphere – (Peter Brimblecombe)
Atmospheric particulate matter – (Urs Baltensperger, Stefan Nyeki, and Markus Kalberer).
Atmospheric dispersion and air pollution meteorology – (David Carruthers)
Synoptic-scale meteorology – (Douglas J. Parker)
Atmospheric removal processes – (Brad D. Hall)
Global air pollution problems – (Atul K. Jain and Katharine A. S. Hayhoe)
Regional-scale pollution problems – (Crispin J. Halsall)
Urban-scale air pollution – (Jes Fenger)
Atmospheric monitoring techniques – (Rod Robinson)
Emission inventories – (David Hutchinson).
Pollutant dispersion modeling – (Yasmin Vawda).
Climate modeling – (William Lahoz).
Critical levels and critical loads as a tool for air quality management – (Wim de Vries and Maximilian Posch).
The practice of air quality management – (Beard E. A. Fisher).
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