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Potter T.D., Colman B.R. (co-chief editors). The handbook of weather, climate, and water: dynamics, climate physical meteorology, weather systems, and measurements
John Wiley and Sons; Inc., 2003. – 998 pages.

One of two major purposes of the Handbook is to provide an up-to-date accounting of the sciences that underlie these important societal issues, so that both citizens and decision makers can understand the scientific foundation critical to the process of making informed decisions. To achieve this goal, we commissioned overview chapters on the eight major topics that comprise the Handbook: Dynamics, Climate, Physical Meteorology, Weather Systems, Measurements, Atmospheric Chemistry, Hydrology, and Societal Impacts. These overview chapters present, in terms understandable to everyone, the basic scientific information needed to appreciate the major environmental issues listed above.
The second major purpose of the Handbook is to provide a comprehensive reference volume for scientists who are specialists in the atmospheric and hydrologic areas. In addition, scientists from closely related disciplines and others who wish to get an authoritative scientific accounting of these fields should find this work to be of great value. The 95 professional-level chapters are the first comprehensive and integrated survey of these sciences in over 50 years, the last being completed in 1951 when the American Meteorological Society published the Compendium of Meteorology.
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