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Homonyms in English
НГПУ, Новосибирск, 5 курс
Дисциплина: "Лексикология английского языка".
Данная контрольная работа представлена уже с ответами.10 упражнений. Exercise
Find perfect homonyms in the following sentences and translate these homonyms into Russian.
The sack was too heavy to lift. They are going to sack hundreds of workers at the factory.
Сумка, уволить.
His heart thudded so fast. He who feasts till he is sick, must fast till he is well.
Быстро, воздержаться.
You are to walk about fifty yards to get there. They were all playing in the back
Ярд, двор.
Do you still have Julie's phone number? The water appeared still from a distance.
До сих пор, спокойный.