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Homophones. Сборник книг для изучения английского языка (18 books)
Авторы: Amanda Rondeau, Pam Scheunemann, Mary Elizabeth Salzmann.
Publisher: Sand Castle, 2002.
Сборник книг, помогающих изучающим английский язык освоить омофоны - слова,
звучащие вчистую, но отличающиеся по написанию. Каждая книга содержит фотографии.
и простые подписи к ним на английском языке. 18 книг.
Photographs and simple text introduce homophones, words that sound alike but are.
spelled differently and have different meanings.List of books:
- Bella Blew Blue Bubbles.
- Can You Hear Me from Here.
- Do We By, Buy, or Bye Tickets.
- Flour Does Not Flower.
- Fred Read the Red Book.
- Harry Is Not Hairy.
- My Deer Is a Dear.
- Sam Has a Sundae on Sunday.
- Sue Threw the Goop Through the Hoop.
- The Knight Waits at Night.
- The Moose Is in the Mousse.
- The Prince Left His Prints.
- Theyre There in Their Boat.
- Two Kids Got to Go Too.
- We Have a Wee Whale.
- Where Do I Wear Water Wings.
- Whos on Whose Spot.
- Youre on Your Phone.