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Indigneous People and Mining. Good Practice Guide
Indigneous People and Mining. Good Practice Guide. ICMM, 132 p.

The Inteational Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) is pleased to present our Good Practice Guide: Indigenous Peoples and Mining (the Guide). ICMM is an organization representing 19 of the world's leading mining and metals companies, as well as 30 other regional, national and commodity associations. ICMM and its members collectively seek to improve global mining industry practices by balancing the various social, cultural, environmental and economic needs of all parties affected by mining operations.
The Guide stems from a commitment by our members to ensure the responsible extraction/production of minerals and metals. At its heart is a commitment to establishing positive
engagements and relationships with Indigenous Peoples. This is reflected in ICMM’s Position
Statement on Mining and Indigenous Peoples, May 2008. We are now building upon the foundation of the commitments set out in the Position Statement with the development of this Guide. Our intention is to provide information and practical direction to staff and employees of responsible mining companies, to guide appropriate and respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples. Our hope is that the Guide will stimulate discussion and promote cross-cultural understanding between indigenous communities and mining companies.
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