Геологические науки и горное дело
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International Stratigraphic Chart
Inteational Stratigraphic Chart.
Inteational Commission on Stratigraphy (2009).
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Harrison Bob. Russian Style Formation Evaluation

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The fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent opening of its borders to western oil companies have seen the search for oil turn increasingly to the 'east'. The London Petrophysical Society, chapter of the SPWLA, decided to create this formation evaluation manual specifically to help explorationists and geoscientists who have been brought up on a diet of high-quality, abundant North Sea data, to understand and interpret 'Russian-Style' logs. In...

Oldroyd D.R. (Ed.). The Earth Inside and Out: Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century

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Geological Society Special Publication. No. 192. London, 2002. -376 pp. The essays in this volume have developed from the proceedings of Section 27 of the International Geological Congress, held at Rio de Janeiro in August 2000. At that meeting - with a view to the arrival of the end of the second millennium - a symposium was held on 'Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century'