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Jones Mary. Cambridge International A/AS-Lеvеl Biology Revision Guide
Пособие для подготовки к экзамену по биологии в Кэмбридже.
Cambridge Inteational A/AS-Lеvеl Biology Revision Guide.
© Mary Jones 2010
First published in 2010 by
Hodder Education, a Hachette UK company

На английском языке.

Содержит следующие разделы:

About this guide
The syllabus
Scientific language
The examination
AS Content Guidance
A Cell structure
В Biological molecules
С Enzymes
D Cell membranes and transport
E Cell and nuclear division
F Genetic control
G Transport
H Gas exchange
I infectious disease
J Immunity
К Ecology

AS Experimental Skills & Investigations
About this section
The examination questions
How to get high marks in Paper 3
AS Questions & Answers
About this section
Exemplar paper

A2 Content Guidance
L Energy and respiration
M Photosynthesis '
N Regulation and control
О Inherited change
P Selection and evolution
Q Biodiversity and conservation
R Gene technology
S Biotechnology
T Crop plants
U Aspects of human reproduction

A2 Experimental Skills & Investigations
About this section
How to get high marks in Paper 5

A2 Questions & Answers