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Jorgensen C., Mann C. Tank Warfare
The illustrated history of the tank at war 1914-2000. Staplehurst: Spellmount, 2001. - 174 p.
Иллюстрированная история танковых войн в ХХ веке.

"The development of the inteal combustion engine in the latter part of the nineteenth century enabled a group of skilled engineers and officers to create the tank during World War I, as a means of the battlefield, something that had been lacking in the war until that point due to the awesome efficiency of the machine gun as a defensive weapon. The new mechanical oddity, called a 'tank' because of its resemblance to a water tank, would dominate battlefields for decades. In this and subsequent chapters, we look at the impact and changing role of the tank in warfare during the twentieth century, and ask whether the tank has now, like the armoured medieval knight, had its day? " (Chapter
1. )
Содержание: 1 - создание сухопутного корабля; 2 - к тотальной войне; 3 - блицкриг; 4 - восточный фронт; 5 - война в пустыне; 6 - танковая война в Африке и Италии; 7 - северо-западная Европа; 8 - сталинский реванш; 9 - холодная война в Европе; 10 - войны после
1945 г. ; 11 - ограниченная война после 1945 г.; библиография.
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