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Kasper Paul. Silicon Quantum Integrated Circuits. Silicon-Germanium Heterostructure Devices. 2005
Книга немецких специалистов на английском языке, посвящённая созданию и использованию Si/Ge гетероструктур в современной полупроводниковой электронике. Рассмотрены вопросы связанные с технологией получения Si/Ge структур (МЛЭ, ХОГФ), квантовая теория полупроводников, применения Si/Ge в гетеробиполярных транзисторах (HBT), гетерополевых транзисторах (HFET), оптоэлектронных приборах и в интегральных логических схемах (КМОП, БКМОП).
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Справочник по мощным TMOS транзисторам (MOTOROLA)

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На английском языке. TMOS Power MOSFETs with new advances in silicon and packaging technology, MOTOROLA, стр.1183 Справочник по мощным TMOS, MOSFET транзисторам, рассмотрены устройства с напряжением D-S до 1200 V, представлено семейство HDTMOS стандартных и логических входных уровней, N и P - канальных в корпусе SO-8, DPAK и D2PAK с планарной установкой, а также в стандартных корпусах TO- 220. В данном справочнике рассмотрены DATASHEETS всей ном...

Basu S. (ed.). Crystalline Silicon - Properties and Uses

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InTech, 2011. - 344 pages. The exciting world of crystalline silicon is the source of the spectacular advancement of discrete electronic devices and solar cells. The exploitation of ever changing properties of crystalline silicon with dimensional transformation may indicate more innovative silicon based technologies in near future. For example, the discovery of nanocrystalline silicon has largely overcome the obstacles of using silicon as optoele...

Brennan K.F., Brown A.S. Theory of Modern Electronic Semiconductor Devices

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John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002, - 460 pages. The book contains nine chapters in total. The first chapter provides an overview of emerging trends in compound semiconductors and computing technology. Authors have tried to focus the book on the three emerging areas: telecommunications, quantum structures, and challenges and alternatives to CMOS technology. The balance of the book examines these three issues in detail. There are sections throughou...

Handbook of semiconductor manufactruring technology (2008)

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Retaining the comprehensive and in-depth approach that cemented the bestselling first edition's place as a standard reference in the field, the Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Second Edition features new and updated material that keeps it at the vanguard of today's most dynamic and rapidly growing field. Iconic experts Robert Doering and Yoshio Nishi have again assembled a team of the world's leading specialists in every area...

Kim Ch.-U. (Eds.) Electromigration in Thin Films and Electronic Devices: Materials and Reliability

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  • добавлен 27 декабря 2011 г.
Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2011, 340 pages Understanding and limiting electromigration in thin films is essential to the continued development of advanced copper interconnects for integrated circuits. Electromigration in thin films and electronic devices provides an up-to-date review of key topics in this commercially important area. Part one consists of three introductory chapters, covering modeling of electromigration phenomena, modeling...

Levinshtein M., Kostamovaara J., Vainshtein S. Breakdown Phenomena in Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices

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  • добавлен 11 декабря 2011 г.
World Scientific Publishing, 2005, 208 pages. Impact ionization, avalanche and breakdown phenomena form the basis of many very interesting and important semiconductor devices, such as avalanche photodiodes, avalanche transistors, suppressors, sharpening diodes (diodes with delayed breakdown), as well as IMPATT and TRAPATT diodes. In order to provide maximal speed and power, many semiconductor devices must operate under or very close to breakdow...

Levinson H.J. Principles of Lithography

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Third Edition, SPIE Press, 2010, 504 pages The publication of Principles of Lithography, Third Edition just five years after the previous edition is evidence of the quickly changing and exciting nature of lithography as applied to the production of integrated circuits and other micro- and nanoscale devices. This text is intended to serve as an introduction to the science of microlithography, but also covers several subjects in depth, making i...

Oktyabrsky S., Ye P.D. (Eds.) Fundamentals of III-V Semiconductor MOSFETs

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Сборник статей. Springer, 2010.- 445p. Fundamentals of III-V Semiconductor MOSFETs presents the fundamentals and current status of research of compound semiconductor metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) that are envisioned as a future replacement of silicon in digital circuits. The material covered begins with a review of specific properties of III-V semiconductors and available technologies making them attractive to MOSFE...

Tarui Y. VLSI Technology (Fundamentals and Aplications)

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Springer 1986 (Tokyo 1981) pp.450. VLSI – Very Lage Scale Integration – Технология больших интегральных схем. . VLSI Technology summarizes the main results of the research performed by the Japanese VLSI Technical Research Association. The studies concentrated on silicon as the major basis of modern semiconductor devices. The results presented are on microfabrication technology, the electron-beam concept, the required software, the pattern transfe...

Tung C.-H., Sheng G.T.T., Lu C.-Y. ULSI Semiconductor Technology Atlas

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Wiley, 2003, 666 pages More than 1,100 TEM images illustrate the science of ULSI The natural outgrowth of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) refers to semiconductor chips with more than 10 million devices per chip. Written by three renowned pioneers in their field, ULSI Semiconductor Technology Atlas uses examples and TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) micrographs to explain and illustrate ULSI proce...