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Larsson M. Odor and source remembering in adulthood and aging: Influences of semantic activation and item richness
Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Clinical Neuroscience and Family Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Karolinska Institute; and Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, Section of Psychology. Correspondence: Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, - 91 р., 1996. (in english)

The overall aim of this doctoral thesis was to investigate episodic memory in early and late adulthood. Of particular interest was to examine whether older adults could make use of different forms of cognitive support in order to improve episodic memory performance. In addition to traditional assessments of item memory, memory for source and olfactory information were assessed. Manipulations of the level of cognitive support included experimenter-provided guidance at encoding (i.e., organizational instructions, a blocked presentation format, activation of prior knowledge), the degree of salience in the materials (e.g., words, objects, odors), and the presence of cues provided at retrieval (e.g., category cues, copy cues). Furthermore, the importance of various subject-related factors (i.e., proficiency in semantic memory) as related to episodic odor recognition was examined.

Key words: Odor memory, source memory, aging, cognitive support
Ключевые слова Память запахов, источник памяти, старение, познавательная поддержка

ISBN 91-628-2324-8.
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